Wooden Sword

Wooden SwordA temporary sword given to you by Rusl.

Ordon Sword

Ordon SwordYour basic long-bladed sword, finely crafted by Rusl.

Master Sword

Master SwordThe Blade of Evil’s Bane is longer and more powerful than your regular sword. It is found in the Sacred Grove after completing the first three dungeons.


Ordon Shield

Ordon ShieldYour basic attack deflector, its only weakness is its high flammability.

Wooden Shield

A purchasable replacement for your Ordon Shield if it is burned.

Hylian Shield

Hylian ShieldFinely crafted shield modelled after the Hero of Time’s. This will not burn.


Green Tunic

Said to have been worn by the ancient Hero himself. Provides some basic defence from the elements.

Zora Armour

Zora ArmourWearing this armour will allow you to swim underwater without need of oxygen. It’s given to you before the third dungeon. Weak against fire and ice magic.

Magic Armour

Magic ArmourThe Magic Armour uses up rupees when worn, but offers invulnerability for that time. It can be bought from Malo Mart in Castle Town, after funding his move.