Heart pieces

There are 45 Heart pieces to collect in Twilight Princess. For every five you collect, another heart is added to your health meter, so its worth getting every last one! The general locations of the pieces are listed alphabetically, and from there roughly in the order you can obtain them.

Arbiter’s Grounds

Where: Room of Four Poes
How to get it: This is the room with the four torches that the Poes steel the light from. Use the Clawshot to get to one of the northern corners and then open the chest.

Where: Room of Many Spinner Tracks
How to get it: Navigate the Spinner Tracks until you reach an area in the mid-east/west (Cube/Wii) with a Stalfos Knight. Just open up the ol’ chest.

City in the Sky

Where: Shaft of the Baba Trap
How to get it: In the shaft room with the giant plant, defeat said plant and start Clawshotting your way up the shaft. Once you reach the first vine covered pillar, follow the series of thin ledges to the very edge, defeating enemies along the way of course. There’s an alcove above the entrance door you should now be able to see. Just make your way into that alcove and grab the chest.

Where: Rooftop of Peahats
How to get it: Atop one of the towers is a series of rooftops separated by walls. Floating above those walls are Peahats. Clawshot your way from one to the next, taking note on the third one that you can see a chest on an inaccessible ledge. Continue on past the fourth and out the door. Clawshot from peahat to peahat across the gap, then turn around at the last one and take the southern route of peahats. Enter the door and grab the chest.

Castle Town

Where: Near the entrance closest to the Warp Point
How to get it: There’s a man standing on the north edge of the street near the entrance asking for some monetary donations. If you donate a grand total of 1000 rupees you’ll receive this heart piece.

Death Mountain

Where: Path from Kakariko
How to get it: Leave Kakariko Village and make your way up Death Mountain. Talk to the second Goron you come across to have him vault you onto the cliffs you see to the side of the main path. Follow that path until you reach a cave. Enter, and collect the Heart Piece at the end.

Forest Temple

Where: Room with multiple Plant Traps
How to get it: One of the Plant Traps is guarding the entrance to a small room. Throw a Bombling into its maw to defeat it, then enter the alcove and open up the chest therein.

Where: First Tilepede room
How to get it: This is the first room you encounter the Tilepedes (centipede thangs that hide ‘neath tiles). Simply extinguish all four torches in this room to reveal the chest.

Faron Woods

Where: Nothern section, large bog area
How to get it: If you check your map, you’ll see two paths branching off of the northern section, one right on top of the other. Use your lantern to navigate the poison gas and head to the top of those paths. Enter the cave and light the torches to find this piece. Note: you can also obtain this in the very beginning while getting the key to Faron Woods.

Where: Near Curo’s house
How to get it: Follow the path that branches off right before the exit to Hyrule Field. Follow this path to a tree with a large hole in front of it. Go around the corner and use the Dominion Rod to drag the Owl Statue into this hole. Turn into a wolf and climb the small nearby tree stump. When prompted, use Minda to vault your way from statue to tree to ledge. Follow the path you’ve just alighted on to reach the chest containing this Piece of Heart.

Gerudo Desert

Where: Enemy Fort
How to get it: Clear out the baddies and make your way to a top corner of the fort, where you find a pig roasting on a spit. Hack away at it until it goes sploosh and reveals a Piece of Heart.

Goron Mines

Where: Lava filled room just after the first Goron Elder
How to get it: Once you’re walking around on the ceiling, start heading due north. Take the branch to the East/West (Cube/Wii) and follow that until it leads to a ledge with a chest on it.

Where: Room with two Beamos
How to get it: Just walk up the magnetic wall and land on the platform with the chest. Pretty easy one.

Hidden Village

Where: Cucco Alley
How to get it: You can only get this after you’ve restored Illia’s memory. Enter the building with the troughs in front of it and smash through the windows straight ahead to enter a little alley. Talk to the Cucco you find there and agree to talk to all of the cats scattered about town. Find all 20 without leaving town or entering the old lady’s house and the Cucco will give you this Heart Piece.

Hyrule Field

Where: Southern Hyrule Field
How to get it: This Heart Piece sits atop the branches of one of the trees near the bridge. Use the Gale Boomerang to snag it.

Where: Kakariko Gorge Area
How to get it: Enter this area from Southern Hyrule Field. Veer away from the bridge and follow the cliff until you see a tall rock formation in the middle of the gorge. Sitting on top of the tallest rock in the deepest gorge is a Heart Piece. Use your Boomerang to fetch it.

Where: Kakariko Gorge Area
How to get it: Enter this area from Southern Hyrule Field. There’s a wall to one side with a suspicious looking discolored patch. Bomb it and enter the cave, bringing with you some extra Lantern Oil. Burn any webs in your path and make your way through. In one of the cul de sacs you’ll find two torches. Light them to get this Heart Piece.

Where: Eldin Bridge
How to get it: Just north of the bridge is a narrow cliff with a Clawshot point above it. Clawshot up, then follow the path into a cave. Use the Iron Boots to navigate the magnets until you reach the bottom, then just open up the chest.

Where: South of Eldin Bridge
How to get it: Donate 1,000 rupees at the Malo Mart to get the bridge fixed. Talk to the purple Goron elder outside the shop and agree to take some Hot Springwater to the sad Goron sitting on the newly repaired bridge. The best way to avoid enemies is to not follow a straight line to the bridge. Instead, either follow the edge of the gorge, or skirt way out into the main field, then cut to the bridge at the last second. Once you reach the Goron, just throw the Hot Springwater onto his head to receive this Piece of Heart.

Where: South of Eldin Bridge
How to get it: Enter this area from Kakariko Village’s north exit. As you approach the field proper, you’ll spot a boulder off to the side. Blow it up, then climb your way across and up the cliffs. When you reach a gap across from some vines, shoot the boulder with a Bomb Arrow and then jump to the vines. Climb up, then follow the path down to the chest for this fifth of a Heart.

Where: North of Hyrule Castle
How to get it: In the southern part of the field North of the castle, there’s a string of boulders blocking the path to Lake Hylia. Bomb them, then set off down the path. Once you come up the Spinner Tracks, navigate them to the platform at their end to receive this Heart Piece.

Where: North of Eldin Bridge
How to get it: From Eldin Bridge, follow the path to the north. Just past the small wooden bridge is a smaller path leading to a Spinner Track. Follow the track to the ledge, then switch to wolf form to dig into the grotto. Clear the cave of enemies to reveal the chest.

Where: North of Hyrule Castle
How to get it: On the north end of the field, near where the river makes its grand entrance, there’s a boulder. Bomb it and enter, then use your Ball and Chain to smash the ice what blocks your path. Solve all three block sliding puzzles to gain entrance to this Heart Piece.

Where: Eldin Bridge
How to get it: Go to the north end of the bridge and use the Dominion Rod on the Owl Statue you find there. Now lead it aaaalllll the way to the southern end of the bridge. At the break in the wall, send the statue to the lower ledge. Use the statue to jump to the ladder you can see inside the tower. Climb the ladder and open up the chest at the top.

Where: Kakariko Gorge
How to get it: Again entering from Southern Hyrule Field, veer away from the bridge and head toward the tall rock spire you Boomeranged a Heart Piece from earlier. Use your Clawshot to grapple to said spire, then look down and to the side. Aim your Clawshot at the vine covered rock below and grapple to it, then make your way to the other side of the rock to find the chest containing this Heart Piece.

Kakariko Village

Where: Atop the Watchtower
How to get it: Make your way to the top of the Watchtower after you’ve cleared the Goron Mines and talk to Talo. He’ll notice your bow, and ask for a demonstration. Agree to show off, and you’ll be on the ground with Malo, who has conviently set up tagets throughout the village. Shoot everything you’re asked to and you get this piece of heart.

Where: South Entrance
How to get it: Bomb the large boulder near the southern entrance. Enter the cave and follow the path, then hop into the pool below and don the Iron Boots. The chest at the bottom contains that which you seek.

Where: South Entrance
How to get it: Above the small cave you uncovered to get to the previous Heart Piece is a group of boulders. Shoot them with a Bomb Arrow, then use the Gale Boomerang to grab the prize revealed.

Lake Hylia

Where: Spirit Cave
How to get it: Clawshot to the upper ledge, then work your way to the back. Light the torches you find to reveal a chest with this Piece.

Where: Upper Plateau
How to get it: On this plateau is a Howling Stone and a large tower. There’s also a suspicious looking wall that can be ‘sploded with a Bomb. Enter the newly revealed cave, and traverse your way to the very end to find the Heart Piece. I recommend bringing plenty of Bombs and Arrows along, as well as some jars filled with Lantern Oil.

Where: Flight-by-Fowl minigame
How to get it: Enter Falbi’s place near the Great Hylian Bridge and agree to play. Grab a Cucco and hop of the ledge. You’re going to aim for the tiered island in the middle of the lake. The highest stationary platform contains the Heart Piece. Remember: by pulling back, you can slow down the Cucco’s forward momentum.

Where: near a patch of Hawk Grass
How to get it: In wolf mode, go to some Hawk Grass and talk to Plumm, the odd little parrot. Play his mini-game and score more than 10,000 points to get this Heart Piece. Hint: go for the Strawberry combos.

Lakebed Temple

Where: Room with the rotating staircase
How to get it: Use the Clawshot to reach the top of the chandelier, then open up the chest.

Where: B2 room with waterspouts and a bridge on the floor
How to get it: Turn on all the waterwheels and return to the main staircase room. Rotate the steps until they gush water in the direction of this room. Head down there to find that the bridge is no longer sitting on the floor. Traverse the bridge to enter an alcove. Step on the switch to open the gate, dispatch the Lizalfos, and open up the chest.

Orden Village

Where: Goat Ranch
How to get it: After you’ve regained Epona, head back to the ol’ goat ranch. Talk to the ranch-hand and agree to herd the goats for old times’ sake. Successfully herd all the goats and you’ll be given this Heart Piece as a reward.

Palace of Twilight

Where: Room of Darkfalls
How to get it: In the first branch you have access to, you’ll enter a room with a bunch of waterfall-like sheets of darkness. Use either the powerered up Master Sword or the Sol to clear yourself a path through the farthest one on the left/right (Cube/Wii), then clawshot up to the chest.

Where: Room of Light Platforms
How to get it: In the first room of the second branch you can reach, activate the light platforms with either the powerered up Master Sword or a Sol. One of the platforms will lead you to a ledge containing a chest which contains a Heart Piece.

Sacred Grove

Where: Final clearing
How to get it: In the clearing where you fought your final “battle” with the Skull Kid, bomb the large boulder. Switch to wolf mode and then dig to enter a grotto. Defeat all the enemies inside to obtain this Heart Piece.

Where: Temple of Time entrance
How to get it: This is just outside the Temple of Time. Flanking the stairway to the present are two owl statues. Use the Dominion Rod to move one of them and get this Heart Piece.


Where: Top of the mountain
How to get it: After clearing the Snowpeak Ruins, warp to the top of the mountain to find the yeti couple. Race Yeto and win. Then, return to the start and race Yeta. Win against her and you’ll be given this Heart Piece. Hint: if you’re having trouble beating Yeta, hang back for a race and watch her to find the shortcut, then smoke her on the next try.

Snowpeak Ruins

Where: Foyer
How to get it: Once you make it to the second floor of the main entrance, use the Ball n’ Chain to swing the various chandeliers. Your goal is to swing to the southern end of the room and open the chest you find there.

Where: Stairway of Ice Dragons
How to get it: In the room with the spiral stairway and caged large ice enemies, there’s a suspicious looking piece of floor in a southern corner at the top of the stairs…you may note that it stands apart from the carpeting.. Smash it with your uber spikey ball, or bomb it, to reveal the entrance to the chest.

Temple of Time

Where: Fifth Floor
How to get it: While leading the statue all the way down the temple, you’ll reach one of the rooms where you need to shoot the eye switch to slide various walls. In the middle of the room is an electrical barrier. Just move the statue through said barrier and onto the switch, then just run in and open up the chest.

Where: Southern Room of Fifth Floor
How to get it: In the southern room is a staircase flanked by thin ledges. One of them has a statue conviently sitting on it. Use the Dominion Rod to move it along the ledge to the switch at the very end of it. Next, pick up another statue and toss it onto the other ledge. Use the Rod to move it to the other switch and the chest shalt be reavealed.

Upper Zora River

Where: Henna’s Fishing Hole
How to get it: While in the boat, paddle toward the big tree in the middle of the pond. Sitting on a ledge is a Heart Piece. Just cast your line to it and pull it off. Not as easy as it sounds, though. Get close and aim high. Alternatively you can just don the Iron Boots and walk close enough to use the Clawshot.