SlingshotThe Slingshot allows you to fire seeds at distant enemies and objects.

Hero’s Bow

Hero's BowBow of the fabled hero of the Gorons. This allows you to fire arrows at far away enemies or objects. Can be combined with Bombs for blowing up distant objects, and with the Hawkeye for added sniping capabilities.

Ball and Chain

Ball and ChainThe Ball and Chain can be used to smash ice enemies, take down huge enemies, and destroy large objects. You receive it at Snowpeak.

Gale Boomerang

Gale BoomerangA unique Boomerang that harnesses the power of wind. Useful for making fans spin, putting out fires, or carrying an objects from one place to another. It is obtained by defeating the miniboss of the Forest Temple.



BombThese are used to damage enemies or to blow up various objects, such as cracked walls and certain boulders.

Water Bomb

Water BombThese are used to damage enemies or to blow up various objects, such as cracked walls and certain boulders. Water Bombs are so advanced that they can be used underwater, though not while swimming.


BomblingThese are used to damage enemies or to blow up various objects, such as cracked walls and certain boulders. Water Bombs are so advanced that they can be used underwater, though not while swimming.


Empty Bottle

Empty BottleThere are four bottles to be found across Hyrule. Each can be used to hold a variety of potions, liquids, fairies or bait.

The first bottle is received at the start of the game in Ordon Village, half full of milk.
The second can be bought from Coro in Faron Woods, containing lantern oil.
Another is received for bringing Jovani 20 Poe’s Souls, full of Great Fairy Tears.
The final bottle can be found by fishing in the small pond near the bridge in Hena’s Fishing Hole.


MilkA bottle of milk contains two portions, each refilling three hearts.


PotionRed Potion refills 8 hearts, and Blue Potion refills them all.

Chu Jelly

Chu JellyChu Jelly can be scooped from defeated Chu Chus. Each colour jelly mimics the effects of another liquid;
Red refills 8 hearts, Blue refills all hearts, Yellow can be used as lantern fuel, Purple has a random effect, and Rare Chu Jelly refills all hearts and temporarily increases attack power.


OilOil can be used for lantern fuel.


Worm Bait Bee Larva BaitYou can keep two baits in a bottle; Bee Larva and Worm. You can dig Worms up as Wolf Link and scoop Bee Larva up after destroying a bee hive.


FairyA bottled fairy will revive you to 8 hearts strength if you die, and if used manually will restore 8 hearts.

Great Fairy’s Tears

Great Fairy's TearsGreat Fairy’s Tears refill all your hearts and temporarily enhance attack power.


Dominion Rod

Dominion RodThe Dominion Rod, found in the Temple of Time, fires an orb which powers statues, enabling Link to control them.


LanternProvides light in dark areas. This can also be used to light torches and burn flammable things, such as webs. While using the lamp, it is important to keep an eye on its fuel levels.


ClawshotFound in the Arbiter’s Grounds, the Clawshot can pull you to distant objects, or pulls distant objects to you. While hanging from the ceiling, you can move yourself up and down with the control stick. A second Clawshot can be found in the City in the Sky, enabling you to move around like a slightly less agile Spiderman.

Iron Boots

Iron BootsVery heavy boots. After donning these you can walk underwater, or stick to magnetic surfaces. They are found in the Goron Mines.

Horse Call

Horse CallIlia gives this to you when she regains her memory. You can use it to call Epona anywhere in Hyrule.

Fishing Rod

Fishing RodThis is used to catch various types of fish. There are different types of bait you can use, granting a wide variety of fish that can be caught.


HawkeyeA mask with special telescopic lenses, which allows you to zoom in on faraway objects. Can be combined with the Hero’s Bow for sniping fun.


SpinnerMuch like a giant top, the spinner allows you to spin across the land and prevents you from sinking into substances like sand. Also allows you to ride along special wall rails. Press A to attack a nearby enemy or jump off of a rail.


Small Key

Small KeyOpens a door in the area it was found.

Big Key

Big KeyOpens the door to the dungeon boss.

Map and Compass

Map and CompassIn every dungeon there is a Map and Compass. The map will show you all the rooms in the dungeon, while the compass will highlight treasure chests, the boss room, and special dungeon items (like cannonballs).

Ooccoo/Ooccoo Jr.

Ooccoo/Ooccoo Jr.This bizarre little creature has a tendency to get stuck in pots in the dungeons. Once you find her, she’ll allow you to warp outside of the temple; useful if you run out of necessary ammo or potion. Use Ooccoo Jr. to warp back to the dungeon from anywhere in Hyrule.

Heart Container

Heart ContainerThese are gained upon the defeat of a dungeon boss. They add another heart to your life meter.

Heart Piece

Heart PieceIf you collect five of these your life meter will be increased by one heart.


Fused Shadows

Fused ShadowsThese mysterious objects, highly prized by Midna, are found by completing the first three dungeons.

Shadow Crystal

Shadow CrystalMidna can use the Shadow Crystal to transform Link between human and wolf forms. It is obtained after pulling the Master Sword from its pedestal.

Mirror Shards

Mirror ShardsMirror Shards are pieces of the broken Mirror of Light. All pieces are needed to restore the mirror and enter the Twilight Realm. They can be found by completing dungeons 5, 6 and 7.