Secrets & tricks

Directions are given for Wii version. To replicate secrets and glitches in GameCube version, swap left with right, west with east.

Game-breaking Bug

If you save the game in the room where you first find the Big Cannon and restart that save file, you’ll be in the Cannon room but Midna will prevent you from warping out because Shad is still looking at you.

If you try to leave the room, Shad will ask you where you think you’re going, preventing you from leaving that way. A quick sweep of the room and Shad is nowhere to be found, effectively bricking your game save. So, to be careful, don’t save in the Big Cannon room!

Kill the Postman

To send the Postman careening off the edge of a cliff, leave Kakariko Village from the northern exit. When you come to the rocky bridge, hang off the right side and sidle your way past the first sixth of its length.

Climb back up and run past the end of the bridge, hugging the canyon edge as it wraps around. Eventually, the Postman will be triggered and will run right past you. In a scene reminiscent of Austin Powers 2, the Postman will (after a lengthy fall) hit the ground and begin talking to you. It’s okay, I’m alive! I’ve just broken my legs.

Fun in the fishing hole

When Hena tells you to look around her Fishing Cabin, she isn’t just making a passing comment. By going into first-person mode, you can hear stories about the people in her photos.

One of them is the past owner of the Fishing Hole, posing with the Hero of Time’s Hylian Loach. If you listen to what she has to say, and then look at her, she’ll be scratching her back the same way he used to. Also in the room is a game called Roalgoal which you can play by looking at it. If you finish level 1-8, you can get the Frog Lure which is used to catch the Hylian Loach.

Outside, the seasons change every time you enter and exit the Fishing Hole, and a bottle can be caught by fishing east of the bridge.


Grottos can be found all over Hyrule by using Wolf Link’s Sense abilities. When found, use Dig to enter them. Most contain rupees, but the odd few contain Heart Containers!

Familiar songs with the Howling Stones

When the Golden Wolf teaches you howls, he replicates songs from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Another piece of evidence that his true identity is the Hero of Time?

How to look cool

Remember the first Twilight Princess trailer when Link looked like a complete badass at the end as he sheathed his sword? After defeating a harder enemy like a Stalfos, press A to sheath your sword without moving and Link will perform that classic move.

Backflip off Epona

In the GameCube version, you can backflip off Epona by holding R and then pressing A, which you can do mid-gallop. The same move is available on the Wii version by dismounting when enemies are nearby.

Hop onto Epona

In either version, run at Epona from behind and press A to jump onto her back for an extra-quick getaway.

Talk to Epona

While in Wolf form, you can speak to Epona, who will ask you to turn back to your normal form. Aww.


Normal bottled water can be thrown at people for different reactions. It can also be used to grow crops like pumpkins, which will yield better items when thrown.

Listen to the Fortune Teller

If you ask the Fortune Teller to read your fortunes, her chant is different whether you ask for Love or Career. Read backwards, they read “Please wait… Loading takes awhile” and “What am I talking about”.

Revenge of the Cuccos?

Not so much. In past Zelda games, hitting Cuccos enough would enrage them to the point they’d call the Cucco Revenge Squad, an elite team of angry chickens who would appear from nowhere and peck you to death. In Twilight Princess, hitting a Cucco enough will let you control one for about a minute. Useless, but fun.

Past references

The parrot outside of the Forest Temple offers a trust-payment scheme. Dip a bottle or lantern into one of the pots and walk out without paying. If you try to return, he’ll zap you and call you a THIEF, a reference to a similar scene in Link’s Awakening. Likewise, there’s a Goron at the top of the Outlook who tells you, “It’s a secret to everybody!” a reference to the original Legend of Zelda game.

Bullet Bill

Continuing the time-old tradition of Mario references in Zelda games is Fyer, the owner of the Canon at the bottom of Lake Hylia. He’s wearing a Bullet Bill broach.

Killing flocks of Guays

If you kill flocks of Guays with your Bow, rupees will shower from the sky.

The Postman’s travels

The Postman can be found in random locations all over Hyrule, including Telma’s Bar, the Cave of Ordeals, Kakariko Inn, Ordon Stables and behind Rutela’s throne. He always seems to have lost a letter; it’s amazing anything gets delivered.

Don’t burn the Ordon Shield

If you let the Ordon Shield get burnt, you’ll never get it back. Its only replacement is the Wooden Shield, which is just as susceptible to fire.

Highly flammable

If you light your lantern in Barne’s Bomb Shop, he’ll sanely tell you off. If you do it again, he’ll extinguish it through forcible means!

Go Fish

During the final battle, Link can throw his fishing line in front of Ganondorf’s face, leaving him confused for a few crucial seconds, allowing you to land some crushing blows.

Bottle Zelda

In the fight against possessed Zelda, you can perform the age-old Zelda trick of reflecting her light orb attacks with an empty bottle.

Attack the Children!

When you’re showing the kids how to swing a sword at the start of the game, they’ll duck if you try and show them a little too closely.

Attack Talo!

When Talo asks you to shoot at the pole from far away in Kakariko Village, you can try and shoot at him and he’ll dodge your attack.

Attack Epona!

In Ocarina of Time, shooting Epona would get her to cry out. Now, there’s a fairly disturbing thud to accompany that neigh.