Tuesday 07 June 2011

Footage of Zelda Wii U Tech Demo

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Gaming blog Kotaku have posted a video of the Zelda Wii U tech demo shown briefly during Nintendo’s E3 conference, confirming that, yes, it is just a tech demo and not a full game. Intended to show off the graphical power of the new console, the demo plays out footage of Link fighting a giant spider. The player can change the lighting and camera angle (to prove it’s not a prerendered video), overlay a map on screen and move the video onto the controller’s touch screen. It certainly looks impressive, and while it’s not a game in itself, we can be sure that whenever Zelda hits this new console (and it certainly won’t be for a while), it will look pretty amazing.

See the video here:

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Full Skyward Sword E3 Trailer

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The snippet of Skyward Sword footage we saw in the opening of Nintendo’s E3 press conference actually belongs to a full-length trailer, which Nintendo have just released! In it we see more of Link’s hometown, a floating island in the sky. We also get a hint of the plot: It seems that Link has what appears to be some form of female friend who is eaten by a big flying fish, and he kits up in the traditional green suit to go out to save her. We also get some more gameplay footage, showing some new environments. And the end of the trailer seems to confirm that instead of having a horse as your main mode of transport, you will be able to ride a flying bird! This matches up with cryptic comments Eiji Aonuma made a good while ago about wanting to include flying in the new game. So will this (literally) add an extra dimension to the world of Hyrule, or will it be on-rails or confined to certain areas? I suppose we’ll find out soon!

View the trailer here:

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Two New OOT3D Commercials - One in 3D!

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Well, Nintendo’s E3 press conference will be underway in a number of hours, and to gear up for it, they have released a couple of teasers for Ocarina of Time 3D.

The first you can watch right here, right now. It is the official US commercial for the game, featuring some new pre-rendered footage of some of the key plot moments in the game. You can see it here:

The second one, well, you’ll need to get out your 3DS, install the latest system update, and go to the new Nintendo eShop. There you will find a short, but fully 3D trailer! If you haven’t played the game at an expo, this will be your first 3D experience of the game, so it’s well worth a look. If you don’t have a 3DS, well, you miss out for now. But then you can’t play OOT3D anyway, so it’s probably best you don’t hype yourself up for something you can’t play!

There are also two free apps for download from the store - Pokedex 3D, and Excitebike 3D (which is only free for today, so get a move on!)

Nintendo are bound to announce more Zelda info at their conference, particularly about Skyward Sword, so stay tuned for a writeup directly after the show.

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Friday 27 May 2011

Confused by the timeline theories? This will help…

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Ah, the timeline. The bane of a Zelda fan’s existence. The cause of many a bitter feeling on Zelda forums. It seems like everyone has their own theory, that they will defend to the end of the earth. Some even argue there is no timeline! So how do we make sense of it all?

Well, this fan made video will help. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s hilarious, and definitely worth a watch:

Well, I suppose that answers all our questions. Looks like the split timeline theory is true after all. Endorsed by Doc Brown.

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Thursday 26 May 2011

Another Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer

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Nintendo released a new, short trailer for Ocarina of Time 3D today, showing of three of the remake’s new features. You can view it here:

The first new feature showed off in the trailer is the inclusion of hint movies. These are movies similar to the Super Guide seen in recent Mario and Donkey Kong games, and essentially show stuck players how to proceed. This wisdom is imparted by Sheikah Stones scattered throughout the world.

The trailer also shows off the new touch screen item menu, which allows for quick and easy swapping of items, such as swapping boots when underwater (which Nintendo assumably included in the trailer to scream “LOOK! WE’VE MADE THE WATER TEMPLE EASIER, ALRIGHT?!”).

The final new feature included in the trailer is the “Boss Challenge” mode. This allows players to fight against previously beaten bosses once more. There was previously no way to do this, so it will be doubt be a welcome addition for fans who enjoy the boss battles.

And that wraps up the trailer. Will there be more new features revealed throughout the weeks in the run up to its release, or will there be some surprises left unannounced for the fans to discover? Will there be some new challenges in the game, such as bonus dungeons or mini-games? Nintendo are keeping tight-lipped, so we’ll need to wait and see.

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Thursday 28 October 2010

New Ocarina of Time 3D Footage

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The first footage of Ocarina of Time 3D has hit the web. Youtube user LOGICTOILET (I don’t know either) brings us this footage of the game. Unfortunately, it’s a “shakycam” recording (and thus has 3D blurring), and takes place while a Japanese man and woman (I don’t know who they are) at a Japanese place (I don’t know where they are) talk about the game (I don’t know what they’re saying). But it’s the first proper footage, so who’s complaining?

The woman has a run around Kokiri Forest as Young Link - the start of the game. At the times when the footage is not blurry, it looks very good. The game has had a major graphical polish, with the polygonal graphics and low frame rate of the original game gone. The game looks surprisingly smooth, and Link’s character model is impressive.

The game is out… oh, we don’t know yet. But I’m putting money on it launching alongside the 3DS next March.

View the footage here:

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Thursday 30 September 2010

Sweet! Some Skyward Sword Screenshots

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While Nintendo’s next big Zelda game, Skyward Sword, was absent from their press conference yesterday, they have made up for it by releasing a handful of new screenshots of the 2011 game.

Unfortunately, they don’t really show anything new. The same environments and enemies are featured. But something has changed. While the Skyward Sword we saw at E3 was bursting with colour, this one seems a little bit more subdued. Just a little bit, but it gives the screenshots a very different feel. Are Nintendo trying to appease the fans that prefer a darker atmosphere in their Zelda? Or maybe it’s just the way the specific screenshots came out? We only have five, so it’s hard to tell for sure. We’ll keep you updated.

View the screenshots here:

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Wednesday 29 September 2010

First Ocarina of Time 3DS Footage Unveiled UPDATED: Screenshots

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Nintendo held their annual press conference in Japan today, and it came with lots of information about the 3DS (though, sadly, none about Skyward Sword that has been reported).

So, the 3DS. When is it coming out? February 26 2011 for Japan, and the less specific “March” for the west. How much will it cost? ¥25,000 in Japan (which equates to $300 or £190, though the western prices are always more expensive in practice). What games are coming out on it? Do I have a trailer for you.

The 3DS games montage trailer (which can be viewed at Kotaku here: shows off the impressive range of games available, and their impressive graphics (but not their impressive 3D, for obvious reasons). One of the games shown is, yep, Ocarina of Time 3D.

Some footage from early in the game is included (Kokiri Forest and the first dungeon), which shows the game’s vastly improved graphics and character models, which we can only assume will look even cooler in 3D.

No word on whether the game will be launched alongside the console, or if we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

*UPDATE* Four new screenshots of the game have been released by Nintendo, giving a closer look at the updated Young Link, and more importantly, a look at the new touch-screen menu. Have a look here:

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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Zelda Referenced on US TV Show

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I’m not one for watching serial dramas or thrillers, and I’ll admit I’ve never heard of Rubicon (aside from it being a range of fruity drinks), but this clip has been making the rounds on the internet recently, so I’ll post it here for you to devour.

So basically, there’s this clip from this American drama called Rubicon. In the clip, which is taken completely out of context so I really have no idea what anyone’s talking about, a woman and a man clutch pairs of headphones to their ears while the woman says some stuff and cries a little bit. There is then what I assume is an awkward hint at an unrequited romance between the two characters, then the dude points out that she has a Triforce tattooed to her wrist. The following AMAZING CONVERSATION ensues.


“I like Zelda.”


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Monday 26 July 2010

The 15 Best Zelda Songs According To

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Over at, their staff compiled a list of what they believe the BEST Zelda songs are. Their decision was based on these four ideas: “catchines, compositon, usage in-game, and lasting emotional effect”.

See any of your favorite songs that you missed? Feel free to comment below to add your opinion!

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