Wednesday 28 September 2011

Four Swords Anniversary Edition Now Available

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If you are the owner of a DSi or 3DS, you might want to check DSi Shop or eShop, as Nintendo’s free gift to Zelda fans, Four Swords Anniversary Edition, is now available for download. The game, an enhanced version of the GBA game bundled with A Link To The Past, features a new single player mode (the absence of which in the original version is probably the reason you’ve never played it). It also has exclusive levels done in the visual style of the original Zelda and Link’s Awakening. And it’s free!

If you’ve read this far, what is wrong with you? FREE ZELDA! GO!

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

25th Anniversary Merchandise Display at Nintendo World

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Zelda fans in NY may want to take note that Nintendo have set up a Zelda 25th Anniversary merchandise display in their Nintendo World Store. It’s located on the second floor, and features merchandise from the beginning of the series right up to the upcoming Skyward Sword. It will be around until February 2012, so there’s no rush in seeing it straight away.

If you’re not in NY, you can at least take a look at the pictures of the display that Kotaku took, here: It certainly looks impressive!

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Wednesday 21 September 2011

First4Figures Link on Epona Statue Officially Revealed

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Remember the Link on Epona statue that was teased by First4Figures a few days ago? Well, it has now been officially announced, and pre-orders are up.

As part of First4Figures’ “Twilight Princess Master Arts” range, the huge statue is based on the pose seen in the famous Drew Struzan-styled montage art, with Epona reared up on his two back legs (a self-professed feat of engineering). It is 17 inches tall and 16 inches from front to back, so don’t go placing it on some rickety old shelf! And as with the majority of their statues, comes in a regular flavour and an exclusive edition, which this time has a completely different, bronze-themed paint job. This version can only be bought straight from F4F, via their website.

“Aimed for the serious collector”, don’t expect to be able to afford these with your pocket money. The regular edition will cost you $424.99, and the exclusive edition, $449.99 (and let’s not forget postage). They will be limited, too, with 1500 of the regular edition being made, and 500 of the exclusive edition. But you can be sure that they will be worth every penny - First4Figures have a very high reputation for quality and attention-to-detail, and looking at the images of this statue, it is clear that they have another success on their hands.

Anyone here “serious” enough to buy one? Anyone super serious enough to buy both? Really? Listen, I could use some cash just now…

See pictures and pre-order the regular edition here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,92/

See pictures and pre-order the exclusive edition here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,93/

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Saturday 17 September 2011

Fun Zelda Videos

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Hey, gang.  I know this is technically Espy’s job, but I haven’t posted anything in quite some time so I think he’ll forgive me for stealing his thunder.  GameInformer has been running a video series all month detailing both Skyward Sword coverage and the 25th anniversary of Zelda.

In addition to fun videos like the montage of the “best” Zelda commercials (they’re still missing the Majora’s Mask teaser they showed in theaters, which had the best tagline to anything EVER), they also have Exclusive Videos.  There’s two out now, with three more promised overall.  These contain short sections of gameplay, which have my interest piqued.  Minor spoilers and such…but so far no boss fights have been ruined for us.


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Friday 16 September 2011

New First4Figures Statue Teased - Link and Epona

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If you are a Zelda fan and you are rich, chances are you have at least one First4Figures Zelda statue standing on your desk. If you are a Zelda fan and you are very rich, chances are you have a glass display cabinet filled with the First4Figures Twilight Princess 1/4 scale Master Arts range in your luxury villa. A collection of huge, 1/4 scale replicas of characters from the game, the series is about to meet its third addition, Link on Epona.

First4Figures teased the latest addition with an image posted on Facebook (seen here: ). Not much is known about it, but the statue creators revealed it isn’t actually 1/4 scale (1/4 of a horse is still a pretty huge horse!), but is around the same scale as their previous Link statue, from Ocarina of Time. It’s apparently the heaviest statue they’ve ever made.

You can pre-order the statue at their website starting this Tuesday (September 20th). No word on price or numbering, or if there will be a special edition as with their previous two Twilight Princess statues, but judging from the previous releases, you can expect 750-1000 to be made, priced somewhere in the region of $300-400. Not for every Zelda fan, but you can be guaranteed that the quality will be unbeatable. I’m a sucker for F4F’s Sonic statues, and the attention to detail is so good that sometimes I wonder if they come alive and jump around my room when I’m not looking…

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Zelda News from Nintendo’s TGS Conference

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It’s that time of year again, where “Japan’s E3”, the Tokyo Game Show, kicks into gear, and we get the usual slew of press conferences and game demos on the show floor. And kicking the thing off this year was Nintendo’s press conference.

First off, some news about Skyward Sword. Miyamoto took to the stage and claimed that the game would take 50-100 hours to complete. That’s huge! I’m inclined to believe he may be slightly exaggerating here, but we can rest assured that Skyward Sword will certainly be a meaty adventure. The game will also feature a helper mode, as seen in recent Mario and Donkey Kong games, and the recent Ocarina of Time 3D, which will give you hints in beating a puzzle if you get stuck. Saves the trips to GameFAQs, I suppose!

Miyamoto also showed off a demo of the game, but not much has been reported about that. Let us know if you find some sources that explain what was shown. In the meantime, there has been some new gameplay footage released to tide you over. Check out the footage towards the end of this new Zelda history video ( and this exclusive skydiving clip revealed by GameInformer ( *UPDATE* Here is video footage of the whole Zelda segment of the conference: The Skyward Sword stuff starts at around six minutes. We see countless new environments, bosses, and… the return of Beedle.

Secondly, more information about this new Four Swords was revealed, which will be given away for free download for the DSi/3DS, starting September 28 to February 20. The game, titled “Four Swords: Anniversary Edition”, appears to be an upgraded version of the GBA game (NOT the completely separate Gamecube game, as many are reporting), and has new features such as a new single player mode (the original was multiplayer only), and stages in the visual styles of the original NES Zelda, and the Gameboy game, Link’s Awakening. For a free gift, this is pretty cool! Now all I need to do is find three DSi/3DS owning friends, pronto! View the trailer here:

One final piece of information, between October 3 and February 20, select retailers will be seling prepaid 3DS cards with an image Link fighting Ganon. No news if these are Japan-only or will have a wider release.

Nintendo are certainly going all-out for Zelda’s birthday. The first main new game in five years, a free game for all DSi/3DS owners, a symphony tour, and even small things like Zelda-themed 3DS cards. It’s a busy year for Zelda!

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Monday 12 September 2011

More Free Zelda UK Posters

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UK Zelda fans are going to have some very pretty walls by the end of this month. On top of the great free posters that the Official Nintendo Magazine are giving away (see below), GamesMaster also have some nice Zelda artwork free with their current issue.

But this isn’t any old artwork. GamesMaster have put to print the fantastic, vertical scrolling anniversary fanart by Ag+ (seen here: ). The whole thing is split into two pieces, and is a fraction under eight landscape A4 sheets tall, making a very long poster. Not for those with small walls (me). The artwork generated a lot of positive feedback when it was first revealed, and it’s really cool that GamesMaster has made it available in a wall-mountable form. The reverse side of one half of the poster features a numbered list of all the characters on the poster.

The other side of the other half features a Skyward Sword image of Link riding his bird, similar to the one given away in ONM, but with a different background and orientation (horizontally longer). I think I prefer this version, personally. More sky.

I know that this poster will make a lot of fans excited, so what are you waiting for? Get ahold of one while you can!

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Monday 05 September 2011

Four Free Zelda Poster in Official Nintendo Magazine UK

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At the newsagent today, I spotted the latest Official Nintendo Magazine. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but ONM has become the kind of magazine that you buy, remove the free gift, and throw away the magazine. Their freebies seem to be much cooler that the magazine itself, what with its overly-generous review scores. Regardless, I couldn’t resist buying this month’s issue - the free gift is too good for Zelda fans to ignore!

Four Zelda posters are included, dating from Ocarina of Time right up to Skyward Sword! They are all A3-sized (think four A4 sheets of paper) portrait posters, and you get the following:

* The iconic image of Link fighting Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time (used quite prominently in the recent marketing for OoT3D).
* One of the stained-glass window images from The Wind Waker (the one featuring the purple bird).
* The well-known movie-poster-montage-style image from Twilight Princess featuring Link, Epona, Wolf Link, Midna, Zant, Zelda, shadow creatures etc.
* A new piece of artwork from Skyward Sword, showing Link flying over the lush countryside on his feathery steed.

I was quite blown away by this freebie. Each of these pieces of art make excellent posters - there are no lazy “character art on a plain background” posters included, which is often the case with magazine poster sets. They aren’t full-sized posters, but certainly big enough to look great and be appreciated from a distance. I think ONM need a pat on the back with this one. The only problem is, as with all free posters from magazines, they are double-sided. So you’ll have to choose between OoT or Skyward Sword, and Wind Waker or Twilight Princess (I went with Skyward Sword and Wind Waker). Unless you buy two copies… £8 for four great posters? not too bad a deal, really. Are you obsessed enough?

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Monday 29 August 2011

Golden Zelda Wii Remote Plus, CD, To Be Bundled With Skyward Sword

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Looking forward to Skyward Sword? Aren’t we all. But isn’t there something in the way of you playing it? Say, a Wii Remote? More specifically, a Wii Remote Plus? You need one to play the game, and as there hasn’t really been any great games that use the upgraded controller (which has the same functionality as a Wii Motion Plus extension, only built into the remote), this may finally be the time that you lay down the cash for your own. Well, the money-grabbers at Nintendo are way ahead of you.

Nintendo are releasing a special edition of Skyward Sword, featuring the golden, Zelda-themed Wii Remote Plus we saw at their E3 press conference. It will set you back $70, if you live in the US. Problem solved! Now not only will you be able to experience 1:1 sword motion, you can do it with 100% more Zelda in your right hand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be an accompanying golden nunchuck, so you’ll have to put up with clashing colours. Sorry, perfectionists.

Also, the first run of both versions of Skyward Sword will contain a CD featuring music from the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Tour (also mentioned at E3). Certainly a nice, free extra!

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Sunday 21 August 2011

Skyward Sword Dated for US and Europe

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First of all, sorry for the delay of this very important news. I’ve been too busy trying to balance my work/vomit life to have the time to write this up. It’s not been pretty.

Nintendo have announced the dates that hotly-anticipated Zelda game Skyward Sword will reach American and European shores. It will hit America on November 20th, and Europe two days earlier on the 18th.

This won’t surprise anyone, as mid-November is when all the big Christmas games get released, but at least we can now start an official countdown!

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