Another New F4F Statuette - Wolf Link and Midna!

In Zelda news on Friday 26 November 2010

First 4 Figures have announced their latest Zelda statette, more specifically in their Twilight Princess Master Arts range - Wolf Link and Midna! The Master Arts series - which Zant is already a member of - are 1/4 scale. That means two things. One: they are huge. Two: they will burn an even huger hole in your pocket (and probably singe some of your leg hair in the process). But if you have the cash, it’ll definitely be worth it, as F4F are well known for the amazing quality of their products. And it’ll definitely be a conversation-starter sitting on your coffee table!

Pre-orders launch this coming Tuesday (30th of November), at their website,

Do you have any of their figures? I was lucky enough to have a brother who bought me the (comparitively small) Skull Kid model, and I also have their (even smaller) Sonic the Hedgehog vinyl figures sitting on my desk. The detail is fantastic.


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