First4Figures Link on Epona Statue Officially Revealed

In Zelda news on Wednesday 21 September 2011

Remember the Link on Epona statue that was teased by First4Figures a few days ago? Well, it has now been officially announced, and pre-orders are up.

As part of First4Figures’ “Twilight Princess Master Arts” range, the huge statue is based on the pose seen in the famous Drew Struzan-styled montage art, with Epona reared up on his two back legs (a self-professed feat of engineering). It is 17 inches tall and 16 inches from front to back, so don’t go placing it on some rickety old shelf! And as with the majority of their statues, comes in a regular flavour and an exclusive edition, which this time has a completely different, bronze-themed paint job. This version can only be bought straight from F4F, via their website.

“Aimed for the serious collector”, don’t expect to be able to afford these with your pocket money. The regular edition will cost you $424.99, and the exclusive edition, $449.99 (and let’s not forget postage). They will be limited, too, with 1500 of the regular edition being made, and 500 of the exclusive edition. But you can be sure that they will be worth every penny - First4Figures have a very high reputation for quality and attention-to-detail, and looking at the images of this statue, it is clear that they have another success on their hands.

Anyone here “serious” enough to buy one? Anyone super serious enough to buy both? Really? Listen, I could use some cash just now…

See pictures and pre-order the regular edition here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,92/

See pictures and pre-order the exclusive edition here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,93/


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21st September 2011 at 22:34

What we need for these things: International bank of zelda awesomeness!