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In Site updates on Wednesday 25 May 2011

Hello there. I suppose you’re wonder what happened to the site over the last three or four months. Well, it’s not actually that exciting. I had to take some time out to finish my fourth year of uni - when you get to such an important time, something has to give, and unfortunately this was one of those things. I’m just a volunteer writer, and the only active newswriter, so when I left things kind of ground to a halt.

But the good news? We are now back in business. The exams are done, the presentations are finished and I have a summer where I desperately need things to do! So you can stay tuned to ZE for your latest Zelda news and rumours over this Zelda-dense period of E3 2011 and the release of Ocarina of Time 3D. By the way, did you see the box art for that game? It looks great!

Speaking of which, here is a hype-inducing new trailer for the game:

And did you know that if you’re Australian, you can get a special edition with an actual ocarina? Madness!

So please excuse the blip, and let us continue as normal. Regular news articles will get proper write-ups as of this point.


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