New F4F Statuette (Again) - Dark Link!

In Zelda news on Tuesday 01 February 2011

Expensive video game statuette makers First4Figures never seem to cease announcing new entries into their numerous collections, and today they have released shots of their most recent Zelda item, again a fan favourite - Dark Link. Their fifth variation on Link (excluding Wolf Link), you know the drill by now - the attention to detail is almost as large as the price, it comes in limited quantities, has an even more limited online exclusive with glowing eyes, and it won’t be out for ages.

The regular version, limited to 2,500 pieces, will set you back $169.99, and can be viewed and pre-ordered here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,86/

The exclusive version is limited to 500 and will cost $20 more at $189.99. Get it here:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,87/

Both will be available in Q3 of this year. So, has the coolness-factor of Dark Link finally won you over to buy one of these?


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