New First4Figures Statue Teased - Link and Epona

In Zelda news on Friday 16 September 2011

If you are a Zelda fan and you are rich, chances are you have at least one First4Figures Zelda statue standing on your desk. If you are a Zelda fan and you are very rich, chances are you have a glass display cabinet filled with the First4Figures Twilight Princess 1/4 scale Master Arts range in your luxury villa. A collection of huge, 1/4 scale replicas of characters from the game, the series is about to meet its third addition, Link on Epona.

First4Figures teased the latest addition with an image posted on Facebook (seen here: ). Not much is known about it, but the statue creators revealed it isn’t actually 1/4 scale (1/4 of a horse is still a pretty huge horse!), but is around the same scale as their previous Link statue, from Ocarina of Time. It’s apparently the heaviest statue they’ve ever made.

You can pre-order the statue at their website starting this Tuesday (September 20th). No word on price or numbering, or if there will be a special edition as with their previous two Twilight Princess statues, but judging from the previous releases, you can expect 750-1000 to be made, priced somewhere in the region of $300-400. Not for every Zelda fan, but you can be guaranteed that the quality will be unbeatable. I’m a sucker for F4F’s Sonic statues, and the attention to detail is so good that sometimes I wonder if they come alive and jump around my room when I’m not looking…


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