New Ocarina of Time 3D Footage

In Zelda news on Thursday 28 October 2010

The first footage of Ocarina of Time 3D has hit the web. Youtube user LOGICTOILET (I don’t know either) brings us this footage of the game. Unfortunately, it’s a “shakycam” recording (and thus has 3D blurring), and takes place while a Japanese man and woman (I don’t know who they are) at a Japanese place (I don’t know where they are) talk about the game (I don’t know what they’re saying). But it’s the first proper footage, so who’s complaining?

The woman has a run around Kokiri Forest as Young Link - the start of the game. At the times when the footage is not blurry, it looks very good. The game has had a major graphical polish, with the polygonal graphics and low frame rate of the original game gone. The game looks surprisingly smooth, and Link’s character model is impressive.

The game is out… oh, we don’t know yet. But I’m putting money on it launching alongside the 3DS next March.

View the footage here:


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