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In Zelda news on Tuesday 25 July 2006

Super Smash Bros. - Characters

I found the perpetrator! I found the heathen who ratted me out to the Captors! Because I have no camera, I improvised and slammed the awful traitor into the scanner so that the whole world will know who betrayed me in the middle of what can only be considered a war. Look at him! Just look at him!

How did he live undetected for so many days while harbouring such an obvious secret! I don’t know if Spud was a willing recipient of this camera implant, or if the Mysterious Captors forced it into him, but I guess I’ll never know now that Spud’s gone to potato heaven. Round these parts we call it “Potato Stew”, but the end results the same. Anyway, since witnessing the slaughter, Tater’s been cowering in the corner despite my best efforts to calm him down. He’ll be fine, providing he tells me everything he knows about the Captors…

Ah but of course, the update. I decided that it was time I fleshed out the Smash Bros. pages, so I started with this lovely character page. In other exciting news, we’ve gained a new affiliate, the textually triumphant Desert Colossus. When you visit them (and you will visit them, lest you end up like Spud…), check out their excellent Compendium section, because it’s full of interesting observations that you can fill your brain with. I know I’ve filled mine!


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