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In Zelda news on Sunday 23 July 2006

Feature - Who is Link?

This latest update comes courtesy of six lashings - one for every day I refused to work under the Mysterious Captor’s repressive regime. The first day, I explained that I would work on the site only if I was released from this chamber, and in doing so lost food privileges for the day. The second day, I conceded and told them, through my thick metal door, that fine, I’ll work like a slave if they feed me again. While I took the food, I spent my days browsing the internet and playing Solitaire. Of course, I don’t know the rules, so I tended to lose, and it only served as fodder for the Captors to ridicule me. Little did I know they were tracking my every activity - I don’t yet know how - and they promptly cut food supplies until I finished a major update. Well, today’s the day I get to eat again, thanks to this feature that asks a very important question about the future of the Zelda series. Purists beware - I suggest it’s time to give Link something to say. Tater agrees with me, but Spud’s just glaring at me as if I suggested his mother was a seed. What do you think? Contact us or shout out on the forums!


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