Zelda Elements Interactive - Fan Art

In Zelda news on Friday 04 August 2006

Zelda Elements Interactive - Fan Art
There once was a section called Fan Works,
Where people uploaded their art.
It took loads of time to update every week,
And so I ripped out its heart.
One day moons ago I decided to create,
A new version of Fan Works that I would not hate.
I rapped and I tapped on my keyboard at night,
Until I created a code that was right.
Our forums are not a beautiful thing,
Not flattering at all to the art that you bring.
So to make sure it didn’t look like a mess,
I came up with Zelda Elements Interactive as a back-end for both the forums and the Fan Works section so that there was an overarching identity when I used this site template for the new section.
So go upload artwork,
Register with us,
Have a laugh on our forums,
Just get in touch,
But you should remember,
Because I’m slightly crap,
You can’t upload fiction yet,
And that’s a… rap?


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