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In Zelda news on Monday 04 September 2006

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Those vile Captors! How dare they insult my work! After the blood sweat and tears that I unendingly poured into the design of the old forums, you’d think the pirates would show a little more respect. But when they came storming into my chamber, demanding an explanation as to why the forums looked the way they did, I had little choice but to embark on a redesign. Arms and legs a-quivering I slaved for… well, it was only about an hour but it seemed far longer under the constant shadow of their threats. The ever-peculiar Mash seemed to revel in my situation, poking fun at me in a doomed attempt to win brownie points with the Captors, though they didn’t seem to notice his sparring under the din of my frantic typing.
Anyway, the point of this… this thing, is that the forums are all nice and stuff and you should check them out. It’ll be oodles of fun! I guess.


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